Debbie Petherick Integrative Counsellor
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I understand that it can often be hard and painful to discuss personal issues. Contacting a counsellor can therefore feel like a big step. However, talking in confidence with someone unrelated to your concerns and who understands how we all need support sometimes can be of great comfort.

The aim of counselling is to help you make sense of what is currently happening in your life and to assist you uncover awareness and understanding in order to find solutions that can potentially work for you.  I believe that people can be empowered to find their own answers, I therefore do not tell you what to do, although I may make a suggestion or two.

There could be further questions you would like to ask before deciding whether counselling is for you.  I would therefore encourage you to make contact to discuss any concerns you may have, your requirements and your expectations. 

After the initial contact, the next step would be for us to meet in person.  It is important to feel comfortable with your counsellor so during this initial session, and in a calm, confidential setting, we will explore how counselling may help and what you might expect. This session also gives you a sense of what it is like to work with me and provides time to raise any concerns you may have before you decide to continue. If at the end of it, you are happy for us to work together; we would then arrange a subsequent session(s). 

There does not have to be a crisis in your life to benefit from counselling.  Some clients therefore require only a couple of sessions to explore their issue.  However a number of clients find it beneficial to work longer term depending on what is going on for them at the moment.  Sessions are reviewed and agreed to ensure that your needs are being met.  Ultimately, you decide what is best for you.

Each session is led by you so you decide what it is you would like to discuss in the sessions.  I will respect what you are ready for and will not push you.  I believe we are all unique individuals with different thoughts, feelings and behaviours and so the sessions will be tailored to your specific requirements.

Contact me to discuss which counselling option is right for you.